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Sage 100: Reasons to Upgrade

A more complete list of features in the upgrades can be found in our earlier post. This post FOUND HERE encompasses the features we as Sage experts find most valuable. There are documents available through Sage which provide a full list. Let us know if you need help finding those.

In Sage 100 Version 2019.2 we find it is in the small things and the big things that cause us to upgrade.

A couple of the small things are...

Are you tired of clicking the extra buttons to update your Daily Transaction Register? Well you can set this as a security event and have to answer that question no more.

Are you tired of the incident of posting to the wrong year? Example: In January you post to January of 2019 instead of 2020. Sage has rolled out a setting to warn you on exactly this issue.

These two small features were added in 2019.2 of Sage 100.

Here are a couple other items to this most recent update...

* Assign Expense Distribution to default by Vendor

* Employee Maintenance EEO Reporting

* Scheduled Distribution of Reports to Emails (without Sage Alerts & Workflows)

A couple of the big things are...

Compliance with Microsoft newer server operating systems and workstation operating systems. Many IT companies are moving clients to Server 2019. Your software needs to be current to stay compatible with current security and technology updates. Not only are these updates in the operating systems from Microsoft security related but also in the configuration, encryption and data protection provided within Sage Software.

Please note for Payroll users!!! If you are on Version 2017 or earlier your last Tax Table Update (TTU) will be provided in January of 2020. This TTU has been able to be put onto earlier unsupported versions. After January 2020 tax tables will need to be updated manually on earlier version. The best course is to upgrade. Please discuss with us the best supported version to upgrade to for your organization.

When appropriate, these upgrades should be coordinated with migration to new servers. Most companies install a new server on an average of every 6 years.

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