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Sage100/Sage100cloud 2019 and earlier key improvements

You can find a full list of enhancements for your current version by going to the Information Center – What’s New from any workstation in your environment.  Please contact us regarding your current version, plans to upgrade or need to migrate to a new server (we typically recommend an upgrade during migration).  Not only will you enjoy the new features but also maintain a supported versions but strategically position your software with changing versions of operating systems.

Sage 100 Version 2019

 Manufacturing 2.0 - Update and improvements to the "framework"

 View Paperless Documents from Journal Drill Down in multiple History Inquiries  Added Merge fields to the current list of available fields in Electronic Delivery Message  MaintenanceAuto-Complete has been added for GL Account Numbers (Similar to Customers and Vendors)  Security Update for E-mail (TLS 1.2 is now supported)  Copy Feature for Custom Lookup Views (ALE)  Links to Sage University for additional training  Consolidate multiple General Journals into one PDF as a Security Role Maintenance Setting.  Account Number and Description appear on all pages of GL Detail Report  Encrypted Bank Information Security Role Maintenance allows refined control over access  Include Inactive Items in Physical Count  Option to Print Variances Only in Physical Count  Item Quantity Inquiry Button in Physical Count Entry  DFDM Utility Improvements  Additional detail and functions added to the Activity Log in Library Master  Paperless Office has a new message editor with text formatting options including color, font and adding links and images  CC and BCC Options for Electronic Delivery  Additional PDF File Name field has been added in Form Maintenance  Option to Copy Salespeople when emailing forms  Office 365 Contact Integration

Sage 100 Version 2018

 Payroll 2.0 - This is not only the long overdue update to the "framework" but additional added features

 Job Cost 2.0 - This has also been added to the "framework"

 Active and Inactive Warehouses (Sage100c Only)

 Spell Check comments, memos, and messages (Sage100c Only)

Sage 100 Version 2017

 Credit Card verification improvements (commodity codes in Inventory Management)

 ACH Cash Receipts

 In-Product Chat

 Enhanced Search (Sage100c Only)

Sage 100 Version 2016

 New Customer Interface – Modernized (Sage100c Only)

 Support for Windows 10

 New Direct Deposit Service Option

 Customer PO up to 30 characters

 Add extended item description for misc items, charges, special items

 Add default value to all extended description

 New sales order option to define default expiration date for quotes

 New sales order option to default to the date when promoting quote to order

 Ability to move a document between batches

Sage 100 Version 2015

 Support for Windows 10

 Separate Purchase Order History

 Canadian Postal Codes

 50 Character Vendor Name

 Company Specific Color for Frame Only

 Access Lookup Wizard more easily to modify ALE for more than just your user and your company

 Cash Receipts List button

 AR Sorting enhancements

 Additional "Keep Window Open After Print or Preview" added

 Remit to Name in Positive Pay option

 One Click Journal Reversal

 Security by Inventory Transaction Entry type

Sage 100 Version 2014

 Level 3 Credit Card Data is submitted to Sage Payments

 Auto complete fields added to speed data entry

 Accounts Payable Invoice Listing in Data Entry

 Search Grids default to Name instead of Number

 Keep Financial Report Screen Open after print in General Ledger

Sage 100 Version 2013

 Longer Accounts Payable Invoice Numbers

 Inactivate Customers and Vendors

 Better CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Integration

 Visual Process Workflows

Sage 100 Version 4.50

 Accounts Receivable – National Accounts

 Default Price Levels by Customer and Product Line

 Define Split Commissions by Customer

 Improved Reporting for Lot/Serial

 View Sales Orders from Purchase Order

 Improved generation of Purchase Orders from Sales Orders

 Better Job Cost Integration from Sales Order

Sage 100 Version 4.40

 Allows 20 Character Customer Number

 Allows 30 Character Item Number

 Retain Zoom Settings

 Batch Entry for Inventory Transactions

 Company Specific Background

 Physical Count Cards

 Expense Distribution Tables in Accounts Payable

 Post to General Ledger from Bank Reconciliation

 Positive Pay Export

 Utility to upload cleared checks from Bank

 Electronic Pay Vendors

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