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Accounting Technology's program creates benefits for you each time you introduce us to a new client.

This is our way of giving back to you for the referrals you send us


For more than two decades Accounting Technology has been providing innovative technological solutions to our clients. We work closely with operations, back office and technology groups in order to incorporate the most robust solution for your business. We are grateful for your trust in our work and our ability to integrate the best solutions for your business.  Our referrals are primarily received from clients, network consulting firms and accounting firms.


Three ways in which we reward you for referring clients to us

1. Referrals from Clients

Thank you so much for your business over the past few years.  If you refer an associate to us and we make contact with that company, we will send a restaurant gift card to the individual that referred the client. Let us know your favorite restaurant and we'll do the rest. We will also reward the company in which you work. We will provide training, reporting or other agreed-upon services at no charge up to a value of $1,500.00. Please contact us for further information.

2. Referrals from Network Consulting Firms

A large portion of our new clients come from Network Consulting Firms. Your client has reached out to you and in turn you have reached out to us. This is usually because you are their trusted advocate and you have observed Accounting Technology offering high quality services to our shared clients.  Thank you for your trust.  We will happily work out a shared profit agreement for the referrals you send our way.

3. Referrals from Accounting Firms

We do share those three letters after our names (CPA). Many of our new clients come to us from accounting firms who are familiar with the level of support and excellent customer service we offer. We are more than happy to either share profits but more frequently we have found these firms are better served by providing a SAN license (Sage Accountants Network). This license allows your staff to bring back client data and use on your companies install of Sage.  Alternatively we can provide training to the firms internal staff to allow them to better serve the clients we both serve.

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