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Year End Sage 100 and Sage 100 cloud Software Update

Sage has released its annual year end update.  It is commonly referred to as an interim release download (IRD).  

The updates can be downloaded and installed by your team using the document attached and other instructions or contact Accounting Technology to schedule for us to facilitate.

Compatible Versions The 2018 IRD is compatible with the following Sage 100 versions: • 2018 Update 2 (6.00.2) and later (Applicable to Accounts Payable only) • 2017 Update 1 (5.40.1) and later • 2016 Update 5 (5.30.5) and later

Important Reminders • You must install the IRD and run the update in Federal and State Tax Reporting (for Sage 100 version 2018) or Federal and State eFiling and Reporting (in earlier versions) before processing W-2 and year-end tax forms. • Verify in all companies that there is no data entry in progress in Payroll and Accounts Payable before installing the IRD. Data entry files in these modules should be empty. • Make a backup of the entire ..\MAS90 folder on the server before installing the IRD. • All users must exit out of Sage 100 before installing the IRD. • If you have any third-party modifications installed, please contact the developer to confirm that the modification program is compatible with the 2018 IRD. Also, verify if the modification program will need to be reinstalled after installing the IRD. • For Payroll customers using version 2017 or 2016: After installing the IRD and printing 2018 W-2 forms, you will need to update your Payroll tax tables by installing the 2019-Q1 Tax Table Update (TTU). You can find the TTU on the Sage Support site ( by searching for knowledgebase article 45726. Click the Download 2019-Q1 Tax Table Update for Sage 100 link in the Related Resources section.

Changes Included in the IRD This section lists the changes included in the IRD by module.

Accounts Payable The 2018 IRD contains the following enhancements for Accounts Payable: • The new 2018 boxes are available for all companies in the installation after installing the 2018 IRD.

• The 1099-DIV form for tax year 2018 has been modified.

• No changes were required for forms 1099-INT and 1099-MISC for tax year 2018. • Form 1099 Tax Reporting (in Sage 100 2018) and Form 1099 eFiling and Reporting (in earlier versions) has been updated to version 2.73.

Payroll The 2018 IRD contains the following enhancements for Payroll: • Federal and State eFiling and Reporting has been updated to version 2.73. • Box 12 code GG is available in Deduction Code Maintenance. Code GG is used for income from qualified equity grants under section 83(i). • Box 12 code HH is available in Deduction Code Maintenance. Code HH is used for aggregate deferrals under section 836(i) elections as of the close of the calendar year. • Local tax jurisdictions for Ohio have been added in the Tax Table Maintenance locality description listing. • There were no W-2 form changes for 2018.

Payroll for Sage 100 2018 If you are using the version of Payroll that was released with Sage 100 2018 (Payroll version 2.x), all of the Payroll changes included in this IRD have been incorporated into various Payroll releases. To ensure that you have all of the Payroll changes included in this IRD, you must update Sage 100 Payroll to version 2.19.0. Version 2.19.0 is available on the Sage Support site.

Determining Your Version To determine which version of Sage 100 you’re using, go to the Help tab on the Sage 100 Desktop and click About. To determine which version of the Payroll module, you must have the appropriate security setup to access the File menu on the Sage 100 Desktop. On the File menu, click Run. In the Run Program window, type *info and click OK.

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