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Year-End IRD & TTU Released for Sage100

The 2017 Year End Update Interim Release Download (IRD) has been released.  This will need to be installed along with the update for Aatrix (you will be prompted when running eFiling for 1099s or W2s for this update).  Both Aatrix and Sage 100 IRD are need to run either 1099s or W2s.  

The Payroll 2018 Q1 Tax Table has also been made available.  This should not be installed until AFTER W2s are produced.

Should you need assistance with these installs or any part of year end processing please let us know and we will get you on the schedule through the holiday season.  

The IRD can be downloaded from Sage's website with login.

The following are the required minimum Sage 100 versions. If you are not at least on one of the minimum versions below, you must install the required update before installing the 2017 Interim Release Download (IRD).

 2017 Update 1 (5.40.1)

 2016 Update 3 (5.30.3)

 2015 Update 5 (5.20.5)

Note: The 2017 IRD is not compatible with Sage 100 2018 or Payroll 2.17 or 2.18

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