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Sage Year End Software Update and IRS Deadlines

Sage will have a year end update (IRD) related to W2 and 1099s for Sage 100 and Sage 100c for Version 2014 and later. This update will not be released for another week to two weeks from the release of this notice. It will be available through the Sage Customer Portal or though Accounting Technology to be installed on supported version of the softwareThe IRS will require all W2s and some 1099 forms to be submitted by end of January. ACA reporting is due by the end of February.  Please schedule with Accounting Technology as needed.

Sage 100 eFiling is facilitated by an integration with Aatrix.  Most of you have used this solution in the past and know what an improvement this solutions is over past methods.  They have designated deadlines on their site.  Be warned in our opinion the 1099 deadline on Aatrix's website is currently inaccurate based on the IRS PDF Publication.  See Page 25 of the linked PDF for more details.

The IRS has extended the date for ACA reporting in certain cases.  Aatrix has provided those deadlines as well

Resources Linked in this Notice:

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