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Sage 100 New Accounts Payable Bank Account

The following steps are things to consider when setting up a new bank account for accounts payable.

* Go to Accounts Payable – Setup – Bank Code Maintenance and create the new bank code GL account number, bank account number, MICR information if necessary and set the default form code to the form code used (something usually other than STANDARD)

*Go to Accounts Payable – Setup – Accounts Payable Options and set the default bank code so you don’t have to repeatedly change. This is done on 3. Entry Tab on the top right corner.

* Go to Accounts Payable – Setup – Division Maintenance and make sure you don’t have a GL account setup in the Cash Account field. This overrides the GL account used in bank code maintenance which is typically not desired.

* The first time you print a check your settings need to be verified. Go to Accounts Payable – Check Printing and Electronic Payment – Check and Electronic Payment Maintenance

i. Verify the bank code

ii. Verify the form code (usually something other than STANDARD) to retain other settings on the screen

iii. Verify the Starting Check Number, Check Form Type

iv. Verify the Paperless Office Output. This is what manages whether a PDF is emailed or not.

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