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Sage 100 2017 Q3 Payroll Tax Tables

This is one of those posts for our Payroll clients.  If you are not using Sage 100 Payroll, there is no reason to read on.  If you are using the payroll module, We would recommend three steps regarding checking your Tax Table Status.

1. Make sure you are using at least the Q1 2017 payroll tax tables.  You can check which tax table is installed by going to Library Master - Reports - Installed Module Listing.  We usually just preview this report, scroll down, and check the version of the tax table currently installed.  A full listing of changes for Q1 and Q3 can be found by clicking here to review the PDF.  The tax tables are available on the Sage Customer Portal or you can contact us to install.


2. Verify your Unemployment Rate and no one has set back your FICA limit for any reason (such as year end fix and never set it back).  I have seen this more than once.  Once you have the correct tax table installed, go to Payroll - Setup - Tax Table Maintenance.  Type "FED" into the state field to pull up the Federal record.

    a. Check your FICA limits

    b. Check your Federal        

         Unemployment Rate

         (Also then go to your 

         state record by

         Accepting your Federal

         Record and choosing

         any State Records and

         do the same for the Unemployment)

3. If you have determined the rates or limits or incorrect determine which employees and taxes are impacted and consider, implement and verify all corrective action. 

Please contact us should you need assistance with this.  We are always here to help. 

Accounting Technology, LLC 703-913-3500

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