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Year-End - Supported Versions - Payroll

Supported Versions

Accounting Technology has now been helping clients for over 30 years.  We thank you for your business, and are grateful for the many relationships that have spanned the decades.  Year End questions and supported versions have been an ongoing question for all.  It is particularly important to those using the payroll module.  For a list of the current supported version of Sage 100 see the chart below and compare this to the version you have currently installed.  This information can be found by going to Library Master -> Reports -> Installed Module Listing and printing or previewing the report.


More detail can be found on the Sage Knowledgebase.

How To Get Current

Resources are available to upgrade on your own but many request our assistance with the upgrade to ensure compatible hardware, stable environment, supported version, and minimal interference with your business process.  Please reach out by phone or email to discuss the options.  We are helping many with upgrades as well as some with transition to other software.

Tax Table Updates

You will notice Sage 100 2018 indicates N/A for Tax Table Updates.  This is because in the newest version of Sage 100 the method of maintaining these tax rules has been moved to the cloud.  This means the traditional Tax Table download will only apply to 2016 and 2017 this year.  2015 and early are no longer supported. The new method for 2018 and later is called the Sage Payroll Calculation Engine (SPA Engine).  It is a cloud service.  The engine, combined with the Sage Payroll compliance (CLAD) data, and secure data collected within Sage 100 are used to calculate payroll taxes.  Much different than earlier versions that stored information on your server that needed regular updating directly within Sage 100.  Much more detail regarding these changes can be found in this great article on Sage City.

Other Great Year End Resources

Sage Year-end Center (on Sage City):

Affordable Care Act (ACA) Center (on Sage City):

Sage City:

Sage University:

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