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What does a Financial System Consultant do?

Recently we have been working with many of our clients on a variety of projects.  If any of these services are of interest to your team and organization, please schedule a time with us.  This coming week Nina will be handling all calls while I am out of town and could work on a few of these for you.  We look forward to continuing to serve you and your company.  Have a great week!

Day to Day

Install Updates

Help with how to process certain unique transactions

Resolve Errors or Repair Data

Install and Upgrade to stay on current software version (recommend every other year – if on 2016… it is time)

We have just started offering part-time Sage 100 staff expertise while on vacation or ongoing bookkeeping services

What we have been doing for clients to expand and improve their business

Migrate ERP Software to New Servers

Migrate and Navigate a Cloud Strategy

Formal structured training for new and current staff

Crystal Report Design for various databases

Design Budget Sheets in Excel or Implement Budgeting Software and Integrate

Building Custom Reports using multiple report building tools for Sage and other databases

Integrate Industry Specific Software data back to ERP Alleviating Double Entry

Integrating Websites

Learning clients’ business processes and recommending methods for streamlining

General Ledger Account Renumber

Data Cleanup (Purge Old Data, Clean Old and Duplicate Records, Purchases Clearing, etc)

Contract outsource Financial Systems Consultant

ERP Security Review and Configuration

Helping with Business Management Software Selection whether picking an ERP, CRM, or Additional Peripheral Software Solutions like Paperless Manage, Automating Bill Payment, Credit Card Processing, Auto Emailing and Others

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