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Personalized Training by Accounting Technology for Your Company at Your Office

Have you considered personalized onsite training for you and your team by Accounting Technology?

The day is typically segmented into 4 sections of 1.5 hours each (2 before and 2 after lunch).  They start and end at your time of choosing. 

Typically we start with a session on better managing, navigating, and leveraging the tools within the software.  This covers shortcut keys, help search tools, and other tips and tricks.  A second session is on reporting tools and options you already own for the most part.  The rest of the day is typically broken up by module and is built on questions from your team.

We recommend the following 3 questions be put in front of your team to instigate the ideas for use within the training.

I am taking these steps to do this job… “There has to be a better way!”  What are these processes and steps?

I have been here for years and always saw that button or feature… What in the world does that do?

I spend XX hours in excel every day… Why is this information not in our information database?

Keep in mind we provide a variety of services beyond our customary error resolution and upgrading to the newest version of software.  We do many of the following.

1.  Software enhancements review and selection.

2.  Report Design for Sage Intelligence, Crystal Reports, Sage Alerts, and Excel Querying.

3.  Work Flow process review and improvements.

4.  Custom Integration with Vertical and Industry Solutions.

5.  Guidance and Training from our expert staff.

Please contact us at your convenience so we can continue to partner with you for your growing business.

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