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FRx is Dead!

FRx is a custom financial reporting tool.  Even though many Accounting Technology clients are easily able to use the financial reports offered on the Sage 100 General Ledger Financial Reports, there are many that need more.  These needs range from Multi Company consolidations to the ability to summarize and roll up various ranges of accounts. 

For many years the industry solution was FRx.  There were very good reasons for this.  FRx was an excellent solution and straight forward solution.  Financial users found the software to be very intuitive and work for their specific needs.

FRx was acquired by Great Plains and Great Plains by Microsoft.  Microsoft decided to end FRx life cycle much early then users would like.  Microsoft ended primary support of this product in December of 2012.  As many of you know, the product continues to work far past that date.  At some point FRx will not operate on newer operating systems and the time has come to review new options.  We have clients using Sage Intelligence, BizNet Software, and Renovo.  Please contact us to discuss when the best time for your company to make that transition is. 

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