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Accessing Your Business From Home

No matter where you are or what you need to do, remote access benefits both you and your business. We are getting requests for improved access more regularly. Not just because of the most recent concerns in our news regarding Coronavirus Quarantine. There are options for accessing your accounting software from anywhere.

Option1: Is your accounting software hosted?

So, the first decision... where? Do you still have your accounting software on a server in your fiscal office? If so, you are still in a majority of our clients. Many others are moving to the cloud. Some have their software on a hosted server managed by their IT Network support team. This is typically a hosted server with Azure or AWS. Accounting Technology offers a hosting service. We partner with GoToMyERP. It will be secured and backed up. The application will be readily available from almost anywhere so you can easily work from home.

Ask us how you can use My Hosted DSD provided by Accounting Technology.

Option2: Have you considered implementing RDS or Citrix in your work environment?

Microsoft Windows server comes with Remote Desktop Service (RDS). By default, RDS is configured in administrative mode. Additional options are available. Licenses can be purchased to allow for others to access data and programs on your servers. If you need more advanced options, consider Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops. Security and functionality are two reasons business owners consider this option. Additional considerations are Virtual Private Networks and Alternate Ports. We are happy to coordinate with your IT team to help facilitate these improvements as needed.

Option3: Consider a service to allow you to reach your office desktop from home.

Accounting Technology has been a LONG-TIME user of LogMeIn solutions. Specifically, we have used GoToMyAssist Corporate and GoToMyMeeting for many years. All of our clients have benefit from one or both of these solutions. We have recently become resellers of their solutions. If you would like an alternative which manages individual workstations in your network environment from individual workstations in your home environment, consider GoToMyPC. Signup for an account, install on your work computer, and then log in to their website from home. Please contact us to discuss and setup an account.

Option4: Migrate to a new cloud ERP solution?

Accounting Technology, LLC works closely with DSD Business Systems. We frequently partner with them. We are implementing and supporting solutions other than the traditional solutions of Sage 100 Cloud and Sage Businessworks. Many of you have worked with us for years and know our reputation. We are taking this expertise to new solutions. We can assist in the selection of new solutions and integrations for your business. Two of those options are Acumatica and Sage Intacct. Let us know how we can continue to help your business grow.

Reach out, we can discuss and coordinate with all the members of your team for any of these options.

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