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Our clients rave about our services & problem-solving abilities...

Accounting Technology takes pride in being a small boutique company with a strong local presence across the mid-Atlantic states
Larry Bradford
CPA, MSA, Senior Financial Systems Analyst

Starting as an employee and now an owner of Accounting Technology seems to have been destiny.  Long before becoming a Financial Systems Consultant, the career began in sales, then to accounting, then to an instructor, then to special projects. 


Along the way winning awards such as Sage Presidents Circle, Sage Certified Consultant, Sage Leadership Academy and the pleasure of being a second-year graduate of the prestigious predecessor of the DHG Leadership Academy (titled Goodman Leadership Academy at the time).  His career has led to a lifetime of colleagues and clients, but more importantly friends.

In addition to staying busy helping clients integrate software to grow their business, Larry has lived a life of joy with his wife Dana, five kids, and at the time of this update, 7 grandchildren.

"Why do you have a robot in your logo?"


Our friendly robot depicts Accounting Technology's approach toward business: making technology accessible and specific to your business.  We provide high quality and courteous service that allows our clients to enjoy our business relationship. Our goal is to help modern computer technology make your daily business more efficient, less stressful and more profitable.

Our mascot's name is "Luca," named for Luca Pacioli, an Italian mathematician, a contemporary of Leonardo da Vinci, and regarded as the "father of modern accounting and bookkeeping."  He was the first person to publish a work on the double-entry system of bookkeeping.

SYMBOLISM:  Luca's eyes are a pair of gears, representing segments of your business fitting and working closely together.  He has a WiFi antenna because we seamlessly integrate modern hardware, wireless connectivity and software solutions.  His mouth is a bar chart, denoting the many reporting features in our software that let you know exactly where you are in sales, deliveries, profitability and more.

Modern business can be challenging, stressful and difficult at times. We'd like to offer our software and consulting services to make running and growing your business a lot smoother, easier and a LOT less stressful.

Accounting Technology is run by CPA's and specializes in business management software and software consulting.

Our team of technology professionals are seasoned in the design, selection, implementation, customization, and training of powerful accounting and business software.

By combining the power of customization, data conversion services, custom integration, business analysis tools, custom reports, and training we enable our customers to enjoy the benefits of software that fits the way they work.

Working with growing businesses

We know and work with businesses just like yours.  If you own or run a growing business that has outstripped its  entry level software and are needing assistance with selecting, integrating and leveraging new technology, we are here to help. Our team of CPAs have worked your side of the desk.  We were end users, controllers and managers in small to mid-size businesses before becoming consultants.  We look forward to understanding and serving you and your business.

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